Private Training

Private Workshops
I offer private, one on one, individualized class, in person, or via Skype based on your specific needs. In other words, I will tailor the training program to your needs, goals, budget and time frame.
First Session/Consultation

During your first consultation session (billed as an hour, but often lasts longer), we will talk. I will have lots of questions, and so shall you. I’ll explore your strengths and skills, your goals, time frame and determine a coaching approach that will work for you, based on the materials you need to deliver, or communication/speaking problems you wish to solve.

Nature of Sessions

Each session is intensive, workshop based coaching. In short, you will be learning by doing I also provide tools for you to practice in between sessions so that your communication skills improves at a steady rate. Speaking well is not something I can simply or magically bless you with. It will be achieved with your own hardwork and committed guidance from me.

Duration and Frequency of Study

Most clients do either one or two sessions per week. Less than one session is usually not helpful. Depending on your goals, you may finish after a few sessions or continue on a  regular basis.

Write to us for details and rates.