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By Dr. Hume Johnson

Photo Credit - michaelhyatt.com
Photo Credit – michaelhyatt.com

In a constantly changing and competitive job market and business environment, positioning yourself well is a fundamental imperative if you are a professional looking to reinvent yourself, advance your career, and access professional and personal opportunities. By discovering and building your personal brand, you will be able to project your best self  – the sum total your values, capabilities, skills and assets – to improve your professional prospects, design a new future and achieve success. There are 5 main steps to discovering and developing your personal brand:

  1. Reflect: The first step in brand is to reflect on who you are, what you have accomplished and how you wish to present yourself to the world. Two of the important questions that will help you to define your brand: What do you want to be known for, and What are you good at?
  2. Define Your Personal Brand: At this stage, your approach should be based on differentiation, simply standing out in the crowd by focusing on your unique gifts and what makes you different.
  3. Create Your Brand: The third principle is marketability: becoming visible, getting yourself out there. Creating an active social media presence and a personal website are all elements that you can embark on to get your brand off the ground.
  4. Connect to Others: It’s superb to have a personal brand but you also have to establish visibility in the arenas in which you want to acquire success. Get endorsements from respected colleagues, attend industry events, and network, to bolster, sustain and lend credibility to the brand that you are marketing to the world.
  5. Be Able to Deliver: Finally, and importantly, you have to show that you deliver results. The ability to not just “talk the talk”, but also “walk the walk”, demonstrate your skills. This is what authentic personal brand is what about and what you should aim for.

Yes, it is really this simple. So go ahead – Reflect on your brand, create it, market it. Connect with others and show that you can deliver. Remember, the success of personal branding depends on how well your audience understands your vision, and what you do best, as well as your authenticity. Good luck in building your brand!


Dr Hume Johnson is the Founder of Hume Johnson Consulting. She is a brand consultant, Professor of Public Relations, a Speaker and Media Trainer. She helps people to build and discover their personal brand, and to communicate their messages with confidence, clarity and credibility. Hume can be reached at humejohnson@gmail.com



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